Shafaw II Emotional Healing

“It does not matter what has been done to you or what you have done, what matters is to let go and start new creative endeavors and be a partner of life in the making. Let Journeys to places no longer there comes to an end!” ~ Master Danadoost

Shafaw Healing II– is Energy Healing for the Removal of Charges.

The charges are allowed to surface, release, and move on. Once associated ‘Charges’ with a condition clear, a Shafaw healer prevents them from coming back and “the effect is going to be permanent”.

A lot of times existing physical symptoms as well as physical symptoms in the making simply disappear with Shafaw II. In fact Shafaw II can successfully be used as Preventative Medicine.”

Shafaw Healing II ends the Journeys to places no longer there!

Master Danadoost has been utilizing Shafaw II since 1993 realizing that trying to Heal Physical issues without addressing related e-motional components may only temporarily be useful and creates only a cure at best! Master Danadoost has been mainly utilizing Shafaw II in his private sessions and in Family conflicts/marriage healings since 1993. However, In 2010 Master Danadoost started to teach the amazing techniques of Shafaw II to the students of ‘Emitters of Light’ or year 4 students.  Please download the .pdf files below to read more about Shafaw II Emotional Healing. You can right-click on the links to download the files, or click on them to have the .pdf files appear in your browser.

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